Thursday, 20 November 2014

Taking the plunge...

Ahhh where has the time gone... Having plucked up the courage to log back into my blog account today I can see that it has been over a year since I last posted!!!

This year has been tricky for me and without going into too much detail I have, during the harder times,let this blog fall by the wayside and that makes me sad. Everyone has times in their life where things are a struggle and this year has definitely been one of those times for me. I have had all manner of things thrown at me including heart break, an awful lot of heartache and a whole bunch of life lessons. The good thing is I am definitely out the other side and so excited to get back on track and this most definitely includes getting back into something I really enjoyed blog!

I have been thinking over the last couple of months about starting the blog up again however in the run up to what can only be described as my favourite time of year I felt this would be a great place to start. I want to start writing again about all the things I adore (make up, shopping and all things pretty) but especially all the things I adore about CHRISTMAS! I want to keep note of all the fun things I will be getting up to over the coming weeks and it will be exciting to expand my content on the blog to include some  other bits and bobs

I definitely want to include all of the amazing beauty products that have made an appearance for the festive season and of course SHOPPING, CHRISTMAS parties and especially decorating my very own home :)

I hope I manage to keep some of the followers that I had when I wrote more and I hope I manage to write something people like but most of all I want to focus on all the good things in my life and all things that add that bit of Millie Magpie sparkle.

Sooo the next blog post will definitely be soon and will absolutely be festive.