Monday, 18 February 2013

Yankee Candle - My Candle Obssession

So this is one of my recent MillieMagpie purchases that has somehow manged to wriggle its way into my "beauty blog". Although this is more of a home or lifestyle product I couldn't not post about my recent Yankee Candle Wax Burner purchase that I have become seriously obssessed with.
Yankee Candle Wax Tartlet Burner...Heaven!
I was bought one of the classic jar candles at christmas in the scent christmas cupcake (a gorgeous subtle sweet smelling scent that reminds me of the likes of hummingbird bakery) I burnt through it in record time and I had to repurchase this  as my boyfriend and I were loving buning this candle during the recent cold and snowy evenings. I decided to take a trip to my local Yankee Candle Supplier (a local department store in my town although you can always find these in card shops and garden centres as well).
When I was there I noticed the Yankee Candle Wax Tarts; a product that I hadn't taken much time to look into before. These wax tarts have a burning time of 8 hours and retail for a very reasonable £1.25 each...most definitely a cheaper option for all the Yankee candle lovers out there. The wax tarts are available in all of the Yankee candle scents however my beady magpie eyes immediately spied the christmas scents reduced to a bargain 63p!!!
From Back Left Honey & Spice, Red Velvet & Chrismas Cupcake
By this point I literally could not contain my excitement and picked up a couple of each of the christmas scents available; Red Velvet Cupcake, Christmas Cupcake and Honey & Spice. Now in order to burn these tarts you will need to invest in the Yankee Candle Wax Tartlet Burner which allows you to safely burn the tart above a tea light style candle. The ones in store were a bit on the pricey side ranging from £15 to £25 (although still a bit cheaper than the largest candles Yankee do have in their range). I decided to take the tarts and have a look on the internet to try and find a cheaper model. There was a huge range on offer but eventually settled on this I plain white ceramic burner for £7.99 that I thought looked simple and pretty but would fit easily in any room in the house.
Melted Wax Tart warmed by a maxi Tea Light
A couple of weeks later and the love for this Yankee Candle Wax Tart Burner continues to grow. I am now on my second wax tart (and this is with me burning this most evenings...not too bad at all). The scent that comes off this is amazing and fills the room easily without being over powering. They are definitely the best way for me to enjoy Yankee candles without breaking the bank and I already have my eye on the newest scents being released for Spring and Summer.
Have any of you tried this burner? What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent?
XX MillieMagpie XX