Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Product Review - Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Scar Serum!

After a visit to the doctor last year I was required to have a mole on my shoulder removed and since then I have been using this Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Scar Serum to help with the small scar I have been left with.

I have to admit scarring was not a worry for me at the time I had the mole removed but after the area unfortunately got infected I was left with a keloid scar tissue which is raised, painful, red/pink in colour and can be quite dry. It was actually the nurse at my local doctor’s surgery that suggested this stuff to me and I thought it would be worth giving a try to ease the uncomfortable feelings that I was having.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Scar Serum

The Palmers Scar Serum has high levels of vitamin E and Cocoa butter which help with the appearance and feel of scars and stretchmarks and promises to keep the skin moisturised whilst strengthening your skin cell functions.

The consistency and smell of this product isn't the nicest but it does leave the skin feeling really moisturised and relieves the tight feeling I often get with my scar. I usually apply this after my shower in the morning and also if I remember before bed. I have been using this now for about 10 months and although I wouldn't say it has been a miracle cure for the appearance of the scar it has definitely helped with the overall feeling.

I picked this Palmers Scar Serum up from Boots for £9.99 but having had a look on Amazon you can pick it up for as cheap as £4.99 Click Here.

What products do you use if you suffer from scarring? Are there any you would recommend I try?