Sunday, 17 March 2013

February BirchBox Review!

I have tried quite a few different monthly subscription beauty boxes over the last year or so but never stuck it out for longer than a couple of months. I decided to buck this trend for 2013 and after a fantastic recommendation from a very good friend I decided to subscribe to the BirchBox. I bought a 3 month subscription which saves you a couple of pounds and gives you a good idea of what to expect in the quality of the products.

For those of you that don’t know about the Birch Box, it offers you 4 -5 luxury samples from a range of beauty brands….some you will no doubt of heard of and some yet to be discovered. Boxes are   £10 a month + postage and packaging however you do get a couple of pounds deduction on the longer subscription you sign up for.

This pink pouch and pretty boxes are fantastic for storing your beauty bits and bobs in
Now I love any type of post but when this beautiful bright pink box arrived for me at work in mid-February I literally could not wait to get it open. I decided to give myself a good couple of weeks to try out the different products so I could tell all of you what goodies I had and what I thought.

The Birch Box has the CUTEST packaging I have ever seen from a monthly beauty box subscription and will be keeping the boxes and handy pink pouches to store make up and my collection of random bits. Not only was the packaging amazing the products inside really impressed.

Now the first thing I received was the Vichy Thermal Spa Water. This is described as a mineral-rich spritz that you can use to refresh and tone your skin or just use to perk up your complexion. Now I have to admit I was a bit dubious about this product when I first saw it however over the last couple of weeks I have constantly reached for this product for a mid-afternoon refresh or when my skin is in need of a moisture surge. It really leaves the skin refreshed and cooled and this would be heavenly when travelling or on holiday.

The second item was a “life style” product and was the EBOOST Natural Energy Booster drink. This is a bit like a posh Berocca and not being a fan of these I gave it to my rather poorly boyfriend to try…he was definitely in need of a vitamin boost last week ! Now there is only so much information I could get from my him to review this sachet but he did say it was strong in flavour, quite nice and he would have it again especially in the winter when bugs are flying round.

My third item was a bonus product from the lovely people at BirchBox and was a nice and simple eye lash curler. The product is pretty standard and does the job but was an excellent product for me as I was in need of replacing my old and worn out curlers.

The fourth item is something I literally am in love with and that is the Korres Guava Shower Gel. It smells AMAZING and would repurchase it for this alone. Although I can’t say it reminds me of a Guava (not really sure what they smell like?!?!) but it does smell of holidays. It is fresh and fragrant and really scrummy and lathers up a dream when using it in the shower. This is probably the stand out product for me from the whole box and has got me very interested in Korres as a brand.

The fifth product was again a really pleasant surprise and this is the Gerda Spillmann Bi Fond Cream Foundation. I have to admit this is not a brand that I have heard of before but the product is really nice. It is a light creamy foundation which offers fantastic coverage on application and apparently its used on all the movie sets at the moment.I have to say it had great staying power throughout the day and is a perfect size for keeping in my handbag. And as an added extra this product comes with a little mirror in the lid and a sponge applicator in the base….perfect!

The final product was the Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump N’ Thick leave-In Thickening Mist. Now I am constantly on the lookout for a good volumising product as I have a lot of very fine hair that needs a bit of oomph. This did give visible results but you do have to be careful with how much you apply.  On first use I did get a bit too excited and applied too much leaving my hair greasy and heavy.

Now I have to admit my second Birch box arrived today and the products are just as good! The review will be on its way soon but do you subscribe to a monthly subscription beauty box? What do you think of Birch Box?