Sunday, 7 April 2013

Revlon Nail Polish...Where have you been all my life????

Anyone that follows me on Instagram (MillieMagpie) will know I have a big love for nail polishes and regularly experiment with new brands and colours on my nails. I was recently on the hunt for a new base and top coat and when Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on all make-up, I thought this was the perfect time to branch out and try something new.
 I have always heard good things about Revlon as a make-up brand and I do already have a few of their lip products in my collection however Revlon nail polishes was completely new territory for me!
From left to right Girly,Quick Dry Top Coat, Charming, Quick Dry Base Coat & Sparkling
 Now I opted to pick up the Quick Dry base (995) and top coat (960)  at £6.49 each and for my free product picked up an amazing pink glitter nail polish called Sparkling (261).
 I of course got home and tried the top and base coat out straight away and was amazed when 5 days later there was no sign of any chips. The staying power of these nail polishes for me has been pretty unbelievable and the base and top coats dry so super quickly that they are never a hassle to add into your nail painting routine.
Obviously once I saw how good these nail polishes were I had to expand my collection and I recently acquired the beautiful lilac colour called Charming (211) and a really cute glitter polish called Girly (260)...perfect for the impending spring/summer season.
I would really recommend trying these polishes out if you haven't already. The colours on offer are fantastic, they stay on for ages and at £6.49 they really are a more affordable brand to experiment with.
Have you tried Revlon Nail Polishes before? What are your favourite colours?